Wrongful Dismissal? Whether you have been fired, wrongfully dismissed, downsized or let go, employment lawyer Ken Krupat can assist with your situation. No matter which words are used, losing a job is difficult emotionally and financially. As a lawyer practising exclusively in this area of law, Ken understands the situation. He can help.

Ken Krupat is an experienced wrongful dismissal lawyer. He has represented thousands of employees and many employers with employment law issues and wrongful dismissal cases since 1994.

Ken will meet with you personally for a consultation. In some cases, if it is more convenient, this can be arranged by phone or Skype. Ken will ensure that you receive quality legal advice about all of your options so that you can make the most informed decision about the best way to proceed. He will take all appropriate legal steps to ensure that you get the best possible severance package in your situation. Ken is tenacious, resourceful and knowledgeable and has a wide range of experience that will benefit you. Most importantly, Ken gets results.

In some cases, you may simply require some quality representation to improve or enhance an existing severance package. In other situations, you may require more aggressive representation including a wrongful dismissal lawsuit. Ken uses a variety of approaches depending on what is most likely to be effective in your situation.

If you have been dismissed, fired, laid off or provided with a severance package – do not sign anything from your employer until you have obtained proper legal advice. You may be entitled to significantly more compensation that you have been offered.

For wrongful dismissal lawyer, employment lawyer, litigation lawyer, Severance Package and Unjust dismissal, Call or e-mail now and make an appointment with us. Get honest, straight-forward advice and the severance package you deserve. 416-593-0400

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Ken Krupat LL.M. is a Best Employment Lawyer in downtown Toronto. Ken advises and represents individuals and corporate clients in a wide range of employment law matters including wrongful dismissal cases, employment contracts, human rights complaints, injunctions and other related proceedings. Ken has represented hundreds of dismissed employees, and many employers..


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