Employment Standards: Ontario Ministry of Labour Complaints

In Ontario, the Employment Standards Act provides minimum standards that apply to a wide range of employment issues, including hours of work, overtime pay, vacation pay, termination and severance pay, maternity and other leaves as well as a number of other areas. Employees may file complaints with the Ontario Labour Relations Board if there has been a violation of employment standards legislation.

Filing an Employment Standards Complaint with the Ontario Labour Relations Board

For detailed information about the Employment Standards Act, visit the Ontario Ministry of Labour Website at: javascript:void(0); http://www.ontario.ca/en/communities/employment/ONT03_020915.html

In some cases, for example, the enforcement of maternity/parental leave provisions of the Employment Standards Act, complaints to the Ministry of Labour may offer very powerful remedies. In other cases, for example with respect to termination and severance pay, the Employment Standards Act may offer much less protection than the common law.

Dismissed employees should never rush to file a complaint with the Ministry of Labour for termination and severance pay. For one, your total recovery may be capped at $10,000. Further, you may lose the right to bring a lawsuit against your former employer, which might have led to much more substantial compensation.