Workplace Issues

Workplace Issues

Here are some other workplace issues on which employers and employees often require employment law advice:

Workplace Issues: Development of Workplace policies:
Most employers have at least some written workplace policies. Medium and larger employers often make these policies available on corporate intranets and keep them updated regularly. Ken advises employers and assists them in drafting or revising various policies including:

Workplace harassment and sexual harassment policies

Internet and email usage policies

Workplace privacy policies

Overtime and sick leave policies

Codes of Ethics

Progressive discipline and termination polices

Maternity and parental leave policies

Abusive Bosses/ Workplace Harassment

Over the past few years, courts across Canada have made it clear that employees are entitled to work in an atmosphere of respect, tolerance and dignity. Employees are not required to put up with bosses who swear and yell at them, abuse them, humiliate them, lie to them and take other actions designed to cause psychological harm. Courts have rules that employees in these situations may be able to resign and sue for “constructive dismissal.” They may also be able to sue for extra damages for “intentional infliction of emotional distress” if the conduct is particularly inappropriate.

Workplace Issues: Employment Standards Compliance
All Canadian provinces – and the Federal Government – have set workplace standards that deal with hours of work, overtime pay, vacation, and many other workplace issues. Employers and employees often require assistance to understand their rights and obligations in these areas. These standards often change when there is a change in government. Ontario and B.C. have seen very substantial changes in legislation over the past few years.

Ken Krupat provides seminars to lawyers and to HR professionals on Employment Standards issues. He regularly provides advice and assistance to employees and employers in interpreting and applying employment standards legislation.

Workplace Issues: Fighting Union Drives or Workplace Unionization
Employers facing union campaigns require extensive advice and assistance to develop appropriate information strategies – and legal responses. Similarly, employee groups looking to unionize a workplace can also require advice and assistance. Uniquely, Ken and his colleagues provide advice and assistance to both employers and employee groups in developing strategies to unionize a workplace or to fend off a union drive.